The Academy Notre Europe is a popular formation cycle enabling participants to debate on European issues with major actors and experts of the European construction once a month. Sessions are usually organised on Friday and take place in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Rome.

Introduced by Enrico Letta, President of the Jacques Delors Institute, the Academy “Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute” is a place of debate, exchange of views and knowledge. To sum up, it enables its members to discuss European politics and policies in an engaging manner.

For 20 years, the Jacques Delors Institute has developed an expertise on various aspects of the European Union, building in the meantime a large network composed of European experts, practitioners and policy-makers, all specialists of the European project and integration process. The Academy aspires to reap the benefits from this network by mobilising the latter in a formation cycle enabling companies’ employees, journalists, institutions but also individuals of all ages and backgrounds to start developing or deepen their knowledge on European issues.

Such a project is inscribed in the Jacques Delors Institute’s DNA insofar it promotes Delors’ vows to develop lifelong training and education strategies. The Academy therefore offers an adaptable curriculum, based on exchange of views and knowledge between experts and practioners on the one hand, and informed, engaged or curious citizens on the other hand.

While the European project is experiencing a new momentum, marked by major political changes and upheavals, the Academy has been designed to meet the growing demands for a better understanding of contemporary European politics and policies. As a result, it offers a flexible, adaptative educational track, responsive to European news and events and partly provided by European policy-makers and practitioners. The training include on-site visits as well so that members of the Academy could also visit institutions and meet actors and therefore discovers the EU daily work.

For its pilot year, the Academy follows a dual objective:

  • Enhance discussion between opinion-makers and actors of the European construction through a curriculum dedicated to journalists.
  • Prepare young people aged 18 to 26 to deal with contemporary European issues with a free training cycle and courses given by high-level speakers.