ENABLE.EU is a project financed by the European research programme Horizon 2020. Its objective is foster the udnerstanding of the drivers influencing Europeans’ enegry choices as well as governance issues necessary to tackle to achieve the Energy Union.

What are the factors influencing our energy choices and consumption patterns? What is pushing individuals, organisations or countries to adopt more environmentally-friendly energy behaviours?

ENABLE.EU assumes a bottom-up methodology to undertsand and therefore change those energy behaviours: the foremost objective is to empower consumers and citizens in their energy choices and thus enabling them to make free, informed choices, reflecting what they really want.

ENABLE.EU seeks to apprehend the social, economic, cultural and governance aspects of energy decisions and how these aspects may differ from a country to another. This project will identify main obstacles to the energy transition but also the factors fostering everyone to change his/her habits.

All in all, the project aims at providing a realistic picture of the current challenges for the energy research and innovation, and possible drivers to develop them. As such, ENABLE.EU will develop strategies enhancing the transition toward a system ensuring that all European citizens could have an access to clean and renewable energy. By drafting public policy recommandations, the project aims also to support the adjustment of technological progresses to the needs of companies and individuals, to empower citizens and, ultimately, stimulate the Energy Union.

The project seeks to identify factors influencing enegry choices in three main sectors:

  • Trasnportation: to move toward pollution-free mobility
  • Heating and cooling: for an efficient, affordable and sustainable comfort
  • Electricity: to use power that is smarter and less CO²-intensive

The Jacques Delors Institute is in charge of the scientific coordination. We are more particularly vested to realise a comprehensive literature review, encompassing most of the academic work that have been produced on heating issues and governance. Fianlly, the Institute is in charge to draft the recommandations and to ensure their diffusion.

ENABLE.EU is a project led by multiple partners, from eleven European countries and gathering within a multidisciplinary consortium:

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ENABLE_EU

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/enable-eu-enabling-the-energy-union-2503b4143/