Brexit : « At the moment of the vote no one could have assessed concretely what would be the impact and the different scenarios that could be chosen »

Notre chercheuse senior Elvire Fabry intervenait sur France 24 sur la question du « backstop » irlandais au sein du Brexit. Selon elle, »If we listen to what has been coming from the Irish government since the beginning of the negociations; all the warnings that they sent say something about the assessment of the risk of returning to a closed border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. At this stage, Theresa May herself will stick to the idea of a « backstop ». What can be amended in this backstop is really an open question. »

|   21/01/2019               |   France 24 English             |   Elvire Fabry             |   Droit et institutions

No one was seriously expecting a major about-face of any sort from Theresa May. Still, with ten weeks to go, what was billed as her « Plan B » speech after the rout of her Brexit divorce deal offered up very familiar talking points – no second referendum, a refusal to take no-deal off the table and a commitment to leave the Good Friday agreement on Northern Ireland untouched. Even if further cross-party talks really do deliver a Plan B, can lawmakers reach a deal?