Climate change will be key issue in EU elections, poll shows

Pour notre chercheur Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, chef du Jacques Delors Energy Center, « this survey confirms that climate change is now a major political issue for European citizens. Europe’s politicians must now realise that they will no longer be able to get elected if they do not fight climate change, with words and deeds. »

|   16/04/2019               |             |   Thomas Pellerin-Carlin             |   Energie et environnement

As many as 77% of potential voters identify global warming as an important criterion when deciding who to vote for at the May European elections, according to an opinion poll published on Tuesday (16 April).

As young climate activist Greta Thunberg prepares to address the European Parliament in Strasbourg today, the new survey by Ipsos MORI reveals how much climate change has climbed up on the priority list of European voters.