“Contrary to what some have said, the extremes, the nationalists and the populists are far from attaining a majority”

Selon Christine Verger, “even if they increase a little in numbers, this will not fundamentally shake up the internal balance”.

|   19/02/2019               |   Daily Mail                       |   Démocratie et citoyenneté

Le Pen and populist allies set to win big at European Parliament elections as ‘grand coalition’ of centrist parties loses its majority, poll suggests

  • The centre-left Socialists and Democrats and centre-right European People’s party have run the European Parliament in a ‘grand coalition’ for 40 years
  • But poll suggests they will win just 45% of seats in May elections, down from 53%
  • Comes as opinion poll suggested Eurosceptic populists will make gains in the European Parliamentary elections in May