E.Letta, T.P.Carlin et J.A.Vinois dans l’Energy Post à propos de l’Union de l’énergie

Enrico Letta, notre Président, Thomas Pellerin Carlin, chercheur et Jean Arnold Vinois, conseiller, signent une tribune dans l’Energy Post : “Energy Union requires concrete projects and protection of European interests”, le 7 mars 2017.

|   07/03/2017               |   Energy Post             |   Enrico Letta   |   Thomas Pellerin-Carlin   |   Jean-Arnold Vinois             |   Energie et environnement

To deliver the Energy Union, the European Commission should promote concrete projects, such as equipping all European highways with charging points for electric vehicles. It should also act to protect workers and consumers who get hurt by the energy transition, protect European markets from dumping practices and turn Malta and Cyprus into 100% renewable energy islands, write Enrico Letta, Thomas Pellerin-Carlin and Jean-Arnold Vinois of the Jacques Delors Institute. In this way Europe can become the global provider of low-carbon solutions.