Pascal Lamy et Alain Lamassoure dans le Financial Times sur Emmanuel Macron et Angela Merkel

Notre président emeritus, Pascal Lamy et Alain Lamassoure, député européen, sont revenus sur les difficultés politiques d’Angela Merkel et leur impact sur la présidence d’Emmanuel Macron dans le Financial Times. Selon le premier,  “Macron has surely known about Merkel’s departure for some time. The bad news for him came when she started drowning so early on in her last term in office.” Pour Alain Lamassoure,  “for Europe this is not good news, this risk is that for the rest of the German parliamentary term we have a Germany that is more or less paralysed.”

|   01/11/2018               |   Financial Times             |   Pascal Lamy   |   Alain Lamassoure             |   Droit et institutions

For Emmanuel Macron, she was the indispensable partner. So Angela Merkel’s decision to stand down now as CDU party leader and as chancellor in 2021 has forced the French president to rapidly reassess prospects for a critical relationship with Berlin.