Trump face à la réalité du commerce international

Elvire Fabry dresse un bilan de la politique commerciale de Donald Trump un an après son élection.

|   10/11/2017               |   ENA Hors Les Murs             |   Elvire Fabry             |   Economie et finance

Protectionist revert and agressive unilateral measures : this how Donald Trump wanted to accomplish his promises to the American people of retasblishing at “fair” trade. A year after his election, the discourse stays protection, but the effective measures are limited. “So far, soo good” but the Europeans have to keep a watchful eye on the threat from Washington of a blockage of its arbitrary function at the WTO.

Elvire Fabry, Senior Research at the Jacques Delors Institute, signs an article in the French revue Ena hors les murs d’octobre 2017, entitled “Etats-Unis Europe, la nouvelle donne”.