Yves Bertoncini sur France 24 English à propos des enjeux européens au Royaume-Uni

Yves Bertoncini, notre Directeur, est interviewé sur France 24 English pour analyser les enjeux européens au Royaume-Uni après les élections législatives, le 29 juin 2017 de 19h15 à 20h.

|   30/06/2017               |   France 24             |   Yves Bertoncini             |   Démocratie et citoyenneté

Is the pendulum swinging against austerity in Britain? The House of Commons has narrowly approved the Conservative agenda spelled out in the Queen’s Speech. But after a snap general election that wiped out their outright majority in parliament, divisions are more and more out in the open among Tories: over Brexit, over the alliance with the Northern Irish conservative unionist DUP party and over the role of the state. Are PM Theresa May’s days numbered?