Brexit : “At the moment of the vote no one could have assessed concretely what would be the impact and the different scenarios that could be chosen”

Our senior researcher Elvire Fabry was on France 24 discussing the irish “backstop” and Brexit. According to her,”If we listen to what has been coming from the Irish government since the beginning of the negociations; all the warnings that they sent say something about the assessment of the risk of returning to a closed border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. At this stage, Theresa May herself will stick to the idea of a “backstop”. What can be amended in this backstop is really an open question.”

|   21/01/2019               |   France 24 English             |   Fabry Elvire             |   Law and institutions

No one was seriously expecting a major about-face of any sort from Theresa May. Still, with ten weeks to go, what was billed as her “Plan B” speech after the rout of her Brexit divorce deal offered up very familiar talking points – no second referendum, a refusal to take no-deal off the table and a commitment to leave the Good Friday agreement on Northern Ireland untouched. Even if further cross-party talks really do deliver a Plan B, can lawmakers reach a deal?