Comment parler de l’Europe en France ?

Sébastien Maillard, our director, was the guest of “matière à penser”, on the national French radio France Culture, to reflect with Frederic Worms on the difficulties of perception of “Europe” in the French context. What relationship between national and international politics? In what way does the French debate on Europe, what is audible or inaudible, dicible or indescribable, facts or ideologies, plunge us into the heart of contemporary political debate? This is one of the crucial issues of the moment.

|   07/09/2018               |   France Culture             |   Maillard Sébastien             |   Law and institutions

Sébastien Maillard explains that we can speak of “Europe” in three dimensions and that we must link the three:

  • “Brussels” Europe: Europe of MEPs, standards, directives, legislative processes …
  • “Geographical” Europe: the continent with its nations, its artistic currents, its common heritage …
  • Europe as a “political project”: the dream of being united on the continent.