ENABLE.EU, partner of the Jacques Delors Institute, publishes it’s October newsletter

ENABLE.EU, a project in which the Jacques Delors Institute participates, publishes its second newsletter.

|   02/11/2018               |   ENABLE.EU                       |   Energy and environment

Learn more about our upcoming workshop at the end of November, where citizens will talk about their experiences with the transition to low-carbon energy. The citizens participating in the workshop are already getting a chance to talk about what energy issues matter to them on the new ENABLE.EU forum. Get an overview of the three transition workshops and discover how they are using participatory foresight to better understand energy choices on our new transition workshop page. Find out about upcoming events involving ENABLE.EU. Gain a better understanding of the role of gender in prosumption and how we can facilitate the energy transition in Ukraine and Serbia. See how the consortium has been spreading the word about the project and what synergies there are with other projects that cover prosumption. We hope you enjoy the read!