Former WTO head Lamy: “Brexit is like trying to get an egg out of an omelette”

It seems that 2018 is a year with a lot of issues for the European Union: international trade, Trump, the Franco-German relations, euroscepticism in Europe, and other key issues are discussed in this podcast.

|   15/01/2018               |   France 24 English             |   Lamy Pascal             |   Economics and finance  |  Europe in the world

He says Brexit is like “trying to get an egg out of an omelette” and a “stupid mistake”. Our guest Pascal Lamy knows the issues involved better than most – he served as chief-off-staff to EU Commission President Jacques Delors, and was at the eye of the Eurosceptic storm as Britain’s The Sun newspaper published its notorious “Up Yours Delors” front page in 1990. More recently he served as Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO).