L’Italie va-t-elle paralyser l’Europe ?

Two months after Italian parliamentary elections, the forces that are the majority in Parliament haven’t succeeded in forming a government. Our director Sébastien Maillard, underlines the difficulty of creating a coalition agreement between the 5-Star movement and the Ligua, and also the influence that a government composed of these two parties could have on European policy. He itemizes the issues the European Union would face and tries to predict the future position of Italy concerning the present files in European planner.

|   14/05/2018               |   RTS             |   Maillard Sébastien             |   Law and institutions

La percée populiste et le possible retour des anti-migrants au pouvoir en Italie pourraient mettre à mal la volonté franco-allemande de réformer l’UE. L’Italie va-t-elle paralyser l’Europe? Interview de Sébastien Maillard, directeur de l’Institut Jacques Delors.