“One day, he can say he wants Europe, the next that he wants to leave. With Salvini, an Italian ‘Brexit’ is not impossible”

Our President Enrico Letta “branded Mr Salvini a “big opportunist” whose path is “sovereignist and racist,” and whose “anti-migrant, anti-integration” ideas are becoming more widely accepted.”

|   15/08/2019               |   Daily Express             |   Letta Enrico             |   Law and institutions
The Italian populist behind the country’s latest political crisis has repeatedly clashed with Brussels over key issues, including Rome’s massive debt and controversial migrant policy. “Salvini will only succeed [in becoming the new PM] if he takes Italy out of the EU. Because if he doesn’t, he will be betraying his promises,” Mr Philippot, leader of the nationalist The Patriots movement, said in a Twitter post. Mr Philippot, a former member of France’s far-right Rassemblement national (RN) party, has repeatedly called for France to hold its own referendum on EU membership.