Politico quotes our President Enrico Letta and mentions Jérôme Vignon’s report on migrations

According to Enrico Letta, when it comes to migrations, “the antis have had the debate to themselves, while pro-Europeans have turned their heads away”. Jérôme Vignon’s report on the topic “advocates setting five-year EU targets for legal migrants to receive short-term work permits according to required skills.”

|   17/01/2019               |   Politico             |   Letta Enrico   |   Vignon Jérôme             |   Europe in the world

PARIS — If Europe’s mainstream leaders don’t own the migration issue, the Continent’s populists will.

Sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening. Deadlocked on reforming the EU’s dysfunctional asylum policies, most mainstream centrist leaders are ducking the one big pan-European issue ahead of May’s European Parliament election.