Debate around the publication of the TGAE IV report, presenting the recommendations of 16 European think tanks, with the participation of Pascal Lamy, Antonio Vitorino, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Elmar Brok, Philip Lowe, amongst others...

On the occasion of the publication of the report “Think Global – Act European. Thinking Strategically about the EU’s External Action” (dir. by Elvire Fabry, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute) April 2013), Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute organises a conference entitled: “EU external action: time for a strategic rebound”
15th May 2013 – Hotel Silken Berlaymont – Brussels

With the participation of experts from the 16 think tanks involved in the project: Carnegie Europe, CCEIA, CER, CEPS, demosEUROPA, ECFR, EGMONT, EPC, Real Instituto Elcano, Eliamep, Europeum, FRIDE, IAI, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, SIEPS, SWP.

Please find the complete programme by clicking here. 

Europeans need to tackle the negative impact of the crisis on the EU influence in the world. While focusing on fiscal consolidation and economic recovery, the EU needs to break out of its defensive attitude and make room for new strategic thinking.

A wilted patronising EU fits uncomfortably within the new multipolar setting where influence is being renegotiated. A more forward looking strategy for the EU to effectively influence the global agenda must begin with a serious scrutiny of the incoherence of EU’s external action policies.

9.30am > 9.40am Introduction
António VITORINO, President, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute

9.40am > 11am Session 1: Engaging with middle and global powers
Keynote speaker: Pascal LAMY, Director general, WTO
Chair: Elvire FABRY, Senior Research Fellow, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute

11 am >1 pm Session 2: Leveraging the economic weight of the EU worldwide
Jean-Luc DEMARTY, Director General Trade, European Commission
Jo LEINEN, Member of the European Parliament
Philip LOWE, Director General Energy, European Commission
David O’SULLIVAN, Chief Operating Officer, EEAS
Chair : Yves BERTONCINI, Director, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute
Discussants: Daniela SCHWARZER (SWP); Federico STEINBERG (Elcano); Sami ANDOURA (Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute)

1 pm >2 pm Lunch Break

2 pm >4 pm Session 3: Reinforcing EU regional influence
Elmar BROK, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, European Parliament
Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, French Minister for Defence
Stefano MANSERVISI, Director General, Home Affairs, European Commission
Hugues MINGARELLI, Managing Director, Middle East and Southern Neighbourhood, EEAS
Chair: Eneko LANDABURU, Former Director General RELEX, European Commission
Discussants: Daniel KEOHANE (Fride); Christophe HILLION (SIEPS); Hans MARTENS (EPC)

4 pm >4.10 pm Concluding remarks
António VITORINO, President, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute