Brussels, 19th March – High-level conference: Oceans the future of the Blue Planet


12:00 > 18:30


Geneviève Pons, director fo the Jacques Delors Institute Brussels office, intervenes for the opening ceremony of the High-level conference on "The future of the Blue Planet", organised by the European Parliament

The oceans are of crucial importance as they are home to a rich biodiversity, act as climate regulators and offer food security. They also contribute to the European economy with a turnover of 566 billion, providing jobs for nearly 3.5 million people. However, oceans are under increasing pressure from climate change, over-fishing, marine litter and coastal eutrophication, which is when a body of water contains excessive amounts of minerals and nutrients. This usually leads to an overgrowth of plants and algae and later on a lack of oxygen.

Oceans need to be managed sustainably in order to conserve the fragile marine ecosystems. To discuss these issues, the European Parliament, together with the European Commission, will host a conference on the future of oceans, with panel discussions covering global ocean governance; sustainable blue economy; and healthy, clean seas and oceans by 2030.

Genevieve Pons will intervene and share her views on the topic, along with Antonio Tajnai, President of the European Parliament, Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner, responsible for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner, responsible for Research, Science and Innovation.

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