Brussels, 6 June 2018 – The Energy Transition: which role for the European Union?


12:30 > 14:00

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, in charge of European energy policies, intervenes for a conference organised by the Center of Political, Economic and Social Studies (CEPESS) on the energy transition in the European Union.

Organised in the framework of a series of conference called “Midi de l’Europe“, this conference is the occasion to debate on the state of play of the energy transition in the European Union and how the latter is currently legislating to foster this process (which tools, which priorities, etc.). Thomas Pellerin-Carlin has therefore the opportunity to share his thoughts on this topic, along with Claire Roumet, Director of Energy Cities, and Cécile Toubeau, Director of Better Trade and Regulation, Transport&Environment.

For more information on this conference or on the CEPESS, you can consult the program on the CEPESS’ website and register to the meeting. We also invite to read the latest publications of the Jacques Delors Institute on the energy transition: “Europe need a social pact for the energy transition” (29/01/2018) or the report “Making the Energy transition a European success” (21/06/2017).

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