Brussels, 7 March 2018 – Study Group on the State of the Energy Union


09:30 > 13:00

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, research fellow in charge of European energy policies at the Jacques Delors Institute, and Jean-Arnold Vinois, adviser for European energy policies, are part of a study organised by the European Economic and Social Committee which will focus on the state of the Energy Union.

This study group meeting will be the occasion for the different stakeholders to debate on progresses made by the Energy Union, under the prism of its different objectives. Issues like impediments to citizen participation in the energy transition process or the salient need of a balance between energy market design and social policies to tackle energy poverty, will be discussed.

If you want more information on this meeting or more details on topics covered, you can consult the programme, enclosed to this announcement. We also recommend you to read through the Jacques Delors Institute’s publications dealing with similar issues, notably “Making the Energy transition a European success” (21/06/2017) to which Thomas Pellerin-Carlin and Jean-Arnold Vinois have contributed.

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