Brussels, 8 December 2015 – Presiding the Commission, Governing Europe

The Jacques Delors Institute organises, in partnership with the European University Institute, an expert seminar "Presiding the Commission, Governing Europe" 20 years after the “Delors Commission”, at a time when the European construction is facing multiple crises

The Jacques Delors Institute is depositary of Jacques Delors personal, which are to be available for consultation and research in several research centers across Europe, in order to shred light on the history and functioning of the European union, as well as on the main challenges the latter is facing.
Within this framework, the Jacques Delors Institute, together with the Historical archives of the European union, organise in Brussels, on the 8th of December, a seminar on the theme « Presiding the Commission, Governing Europe », 20 years after the “Delors Commission”, at a time when the European construction is facing multiple crises.
The objective of this seminar is to organise a discussion between historians, experts and practitioners of the European construction, in order to identify the main internal and external elements of success of the « Delors Commission » and confront them with the current challenges of the European governance.  

After an introduction by Yves BERTONCINI, Director of the Jacques Delors Institute and Dieter SCHLENKER, Director of the Historical atchives of the European union, European university institute, Florence, Pascal LAMY, President emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute, gives a keynote speech “The Delors Commission from the inside”, before a debate around the theme “The Delors presidency, what lessons for European governance?” which gathers:

Olivier COSTA, Director of the European political and administrative studies, College of Europe
Helen DRAKE, European studies professor, Loughborought University
Piers LUDLOW, Associated professor, London School of Economics