Brussels, 15 March 2019 – ENABLE.EU Citizen and Expert Workshop

15/03/2019 - 08:30 > 16:00
The ENABLE.EU project gathers European experts and citizens in Brussels to draft a roadmap for an energy transition scenario that empowers citizens.

The workshop is the third of a sequence of workshops the project organises to discuss the future of the energy transition to low carbon economy in Europe with energy policy experts, civil society representatives and citizens. A group of pioneer households – early adopters interviewed and selected in the 11 countries case studies on energy presumption, energy efficiency at home, heating and cooling and mobility – has been engaged in the process. They helped to identify from their own everyday life experience promising “responsible energy practices”, where responsible means responding to the need of reducing the waste and consumption of energy in the everyday life, for the benefit of the households themselves, of their neighbourhoods and the planet as a whole.

The aim of the third ENABLE-EU workshop will be now to let these citizens to meet with civil society representatives at EU level, in Brussels, to discuss and elaborate together a roadmap for realising an Energy Union Sustainable Households Practice Scenario.

Working together, participants will contribute to identify promising everyday life practices of sustainable energy conservation, production or consumption, and possible ways to translate them across Europe.