Lille, 8 October 2015- More Crises, More Europe of Defense ?

The 6th edition of the "Ateliers de la Citadelle" is organised by the City of Lille and the Lille Eurométropole Defence and Security Mission in partnership with the Jacques Delors Institute.

The 6th edition of the “Ateliers de la Citadelle”, entitled, Plus de crise, plus d’Europe de la défense ?, is organised by the City of Lille and the Lille Eurométropole Defence and Security Mission in partnership with the Jacques Delors Institute and Toute l’

Thursday 8 October 2015
8:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.
in Lille’s Vauban Citadel
Headquarters of the Rapid Reaction Corps of France

For fifteen years, Europeans have rediscovered war in their near periphery. They nevertheless continue to cradle the dream of peace and the end of the Cold War as being established. Beyond the lack of political will, European cooperation in the area of defense remains an imperative. During this sixth edition of “Ateliers of the Citadelle”, we “talk straight” in order to “act quickly” and reinforce cooperation, mission sharing, and mutualisation of equipment programmes. 

Organised under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence, this yearly conference brings together generals and senior officers, national and international experts, elected officials and a well-informed general public. Together, they take stock of the current state of threats (including nuclear, germ warfare, cyber terrorism, and internal threats) and their likelihood in light of recent and long-term developments (political, economic, environmental, and demographic) in the global dynamic.The featured speaker of this 2015 edition is Mister Michel Barnier, former European Commissioner and current chargé de mission for Defense and Security to the President of the European Commission, who will provide all debates during this day with his own analyses and reactions. 

8:30-9h – Welcoming and distribution of badges.
9h15 – Propos d’accueil

Army General Eric MARGAIL, Chief of Staff of Rapid Reaction Corps of France.
Mme Martine AUBRY, Maire de Lille.
Mme Nicole GNESOTTO, Moderator

9:30 – Introduction from FeaturedSpeaker : Mr. Michel BARNIER.?

10:00 – Introduction from Mr. Louis Gautier (Secretary General of Defense and National Security)

10:30 – First Round Table “Straight Talk”
Mr. Camille GRAND (Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research)
Air Force General Patrick de ROUSIERS (President of the Military Committee of the European Union)
Mr. Gilles de KERCHOVE (EU coordinator for the fight against terrorism)
Mr. Jean-Dominique MERCHET (Journalist at L’Opinion, “Secret Défense” blog”
Mr. Nicolas GROS-VERHEYDE (Specialist Journalist, “Bruxelles2” blog)

12:30 – Cocktail and press lunch for speakers, journalists, general officers.

14:00 – 2nd Round Table: “ACT QUICKLY” 

Ms. Veronika WAND-DANIELSON (Ambassador of Sweden, Paris)
Mr. Pierre VIMONT (Former Secretary General of European External Action Service)
M. Joachim BITTERLICH (Diplomat, Jacques Delors Institute, former advisor to Chancellor H. Kohl)
M. Nick WITNEY (Senior fellow, ECFR)

16:30 – Conclusion by the Featured Speaker.


By invitation