Londres, 8 October 2018 – Is a Rules Based, Open, Globalisation Still Worth Fighting For?


14:30 > 16:00


At a time when globalisation is under attack, Pascal Lamy, President emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute, exposes why Peter Sutherland was, and still is, right in promoting a rules based open international system.

The Peter Sutherland Memorial Lecture is hosted by the London School of Economics and Political Science and University College Dublin supported by LSE’s European Institute and the Institute of Global Affairs. Peter Sutherland was Chair of LSE Court and Council between 2008-2015. He was awarded an honorary doctorate at LSE in 2015 in recognition of his exceptional contribution to EU and world affairs. Peter left a permanent significant legacy to the School through his establishment of the Sutherland Chair in European institutions held in the European Institute.  After he stepped down as Chair he also retained his connection with LSE by becoming Professor in Practice in the Institute of Global Affairs and became the leading figure in the Institute’s Global Migration Initiative.

Pascal Lamy intervenes alongside Minouche Shafik, Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to this she was Deputy Governor of the Bank of England.