Malmö, 27 March 2019 – Energy Norway’s Winter Conference


17:20 > 17:50

Jean-Arnold Vinois, advisor to the Jacques Delors Institute for European energy policy issues, will discuss on 27 March 2019 about the strengths and weaknesses of the European Clean Energy package, the Regulatory framework to operate the energy transition. The event is organized by Energi Norge.

The latest climate report published by the UN shows that it is even more difficult to prevent the extermination of animals than plants and that millions of people are moving because of climate change.

The goal of 1.5 degrees is still possible, but it is necessary to accelerate the tempo in the ecological transition that goes from the use of fossil energy to a production without emission.

The starting point of this Energy Norway’s Winter Conference is the vision that Norway’s renewable energy industry should become a world leader with the goal of being the world’s first renewable and all-electric renewable energy company of world. The reason is simple and useful: electrification reduces emissions and contributes to the technological development that the world needs. Norway is already well advanced and our contribution to climate change should be to move forward and show that electrification is possible in all sectors!

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