Montreal, 11 June 2018 – Europe at the Crossroads


07:00 > 18:00

Pascal Lamy, President emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute, intervenes for a roundtable organised by the International Economic Forum of the Americas for the latter annual conference "A new globalisation : managing uncertainty".

While the United-Kingdom is about the leave the European Union and euroskeptics and populists parties are gaining political ground throughout the continent, the European Union is subjected to growing criticisms and its ability to remain one of world economic leader is raising more and more concerns. Is the new French president, Emmanuel Macron, able to revitalise the European project? To what extend news EU Member states could redefine the future of the Union? Could this crisis of confidence lead to a sheer political crisis?

Pascal Lamy tackles all these issues and share his analysis, along with Hashim Thaci, President of Kosovo, Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada (1993-2003) and Bernard Spitz, President of the French Insurance Federation and President “International and Europe” at the Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF).

For more information on this event and registration procedure, you can consult International Economic Forum of the Americas’ website as well as the program, enclosed to this announcement.

Crisis | European integration | Governance