Paris, 12 June 2018 – Hearing by the Special Rapporteur on Budget for European affairs of the French National Assembly


16:15 > 17:45

Eulalia Rubio, Senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, in charge of economic and social affairs and of the European budget, is heard by the special rapporteur on budget for European affairs of the French National Assembly, M. Xavier Paluszkiewicz.

Eulalia Rubio is heard as an expert for the process of evaluation of public policies  conducted by the French National Assembly. This hearing aims at gathering information on the future of the European Union budget, focusing more specifically on the prominent issues for the current Multiannual Financial Framework negotiating process (2021-2027), and more generally on the roles played by the budget. It is conducted by M. Xavier Paluszkiewicz, member of the National Assembly (LREM).

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