Paris, 14 May 2013 – European Energy transitions and citizens dialogues

We organize a conference in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee, that will be attended by the French Minister of Energy Delphine Batho, her Danish counterpart Martin Lidegaard and by our founding President Jacques Delors, among others. May 14, Paris, 17-21 Place Etienne Pernet – Macif. Translation english/french will be available.

The massive reduction of CO2

emissions linked to energy production, transport and consumption by 2050

requires both a radical change in our habits and considerable investments.

Fundamental questions are raised, in particular: how can we secure Europe’s

energy supplies? How can we ensure access of all to energy? How do we preserve

Europe’s competitiveness in a context of rising energy prices? How do we face

risks in this field?

To answer to each of these questions

a close involvement of civil society as well as a European perspective will be

essential. Given the scope of the necessary transformations and investments in

the energy sector policy-makers will need to rely on citizens’ participation

and involvement to be able to make informed and legitimate choices. It is

therefore essential to reflect on the governance of energy policy and the role

of civil society, especially to support the energy transition.

France has launched a National debate on the energy

transition that is ambitious both by its methods and its objective. In this

context the European

Economic and Social Committee and Notre Europe – Jacques Delors

Institute invite you to a conference aiming to:



European added value to the debate on the energy transition in France and on

the European Energy Community



the European Economic and Social Committee’s proposal for a European Energy




start an on-going civil society dialogue in the EU and promote such debate in

other member states.

This conference will be attended by inter

alia French Energy Minister Delphine Batho, Jacques Delors, and stakeholders

in the French debate as well as European representatives.

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