Paris, 16 April 2019 – Think migration and development together


09:00 > 11:00


We know little about it, but the legal edifice built by the European Union for 20 years to frame the right of asylum and migratory flows in Schengen Area is considerable.

How and why has this building been badly damaged during the EU’s asylum and migration crisis in 2015/2016? What should be done to bring lasting relief, given that the global demographic and geopolitical prospects let think that the international mobility will still increase?

European citizens, in the context of the forthcoming elections, are waiting for the EU to be in a position to order human and economic flows of migration it is concerned with. This is the stake of the proposals made by a recent report of the Jacques Delors Institute directed by Jérôme Vignon, “For a European policy of asylum, migration and mobility“.

This conference aims to focus on two key-elements of this report: the need to jointly manage asylum flows and labor migration on a European scale and no longer in a non-cooperative juxtaposition of national strategies; the opportunity to link positively the promotion of development and labor mobility at the heart of cooperation “between equals” of the European Union with its major partners of the South, especially Africa.