Paris, 21 May 2019 – Europe: which answers to the Digital economy’s social challenges?


19:00 > 21:00

Sofia Fernandes, senior research fellow on economic and social affairs, participates at the conference on Europe's answers to the social challenges of the digital economy organised by the think tank #Leplusimportant, Sauvons l’Europe ! and Sciences Po Executive Education

Facing digital transformations, which can be beneficial or harmful for European citizens, how the European Union can act to guarantee social justice and protection?

It seems indeed essential for the European Union to actively act in favor of workers’ protection and therefore prevent potentiel harmful effects of the digital transition. How can the EU can support social investment strategies? How can it act as a channel for social inclusion? As a promoter of workers’ rights, benefitting social justice? As a lever for equality and territorial development?

To answer these questions, the think-tank #Leplusimportant, Sauvons l’Europe ! and Sciences Po Executive Education organise a conference “Europe: which answers to the Digital economy’s social challenges?“, hosted by Sandra Moatti, editor-in-chief Economie politique, and Director, IDEHATE and to which Sofia Fernandes will contribute, along with:

  • Pierre-Jean Coulon, President of the TEN section, European Economic and Social Committe
  • Stefano Scarpetta, Director, “Employment, Labour and Social Affairs”, OECD
  • Odile Chagny, Founder, Sharers & Workers
  • Daniel Lenoir, Director Europe, think-tank #Leplusimportant, and Member, Sauvons l’Europe !

For more information on the conference, please visit the dedicated webpage on the think-tank #Leplusimportant website

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