Paris, 27 January 2014 – France, lacking Europe



Our director, Yves Bertoncini, speaks at a conference organised by Le pacte civique in Paris on the 27 January at Sciences Po on the theme: "France, lacking Europe". He speaks next to Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Quentin Dickinson and Tomasz Orlowski.

Our director, Yves Bertoncini speaks at a conference organised by Le pacte civique in Paris on Monday 27 January from 19:15 to 21:15 at Sciences Po on the theme: “France, lacking Europe”.

Relations between France and the European Union are clearly difficult. France dreams of a Europe who would be a great France without France’s flaws. But the building of Europe is quite different from this dream. Our country has no longer confidence in its capacity to put forward proposals. Furthermore, it doesn’t support well the discipline and rules from the EU, for right or wrong.
Let’s try to see more clearly with our partners: what diagnosis do we make of this situation ? How to bring solutions ? In order to contribute to the relaunch of the European project and regarding the upcoming European Parliament elections, let’s open a debate too often avoided !

Yves Bertoncini opens the debate, during which also speak:

– Jean-Louis Bourlanges, former member of the European Parliament and member of our Board of directors;

– Quentin Dickinson, journalist;

– SEM Tomasz Orlowski, ambassador of the Republic of Poland in France.

This debate is animated by Odile Quintin, associate professor at Sciences Po and ESCP.

For more information, please see the website of Le pacte civique and the programme.