Paris, 8 March 2019 – Session No.5 of the Académie Notre Europe : Europe in the world

08/03/2019 - 09:00 > 18:00

Should the EU be a bully in a world of bullies? Faced with the Chinese and American giants, at a time when the shadows left by the Brexit transition agreement are numerous, or facing the rise of the BRICs, the European Union may continue to be the soft power described in history and geopolitics books? What are its tools for weighing in a globalization that seems increasingly to ignore the values ​​that the EU prides itself on defending? What are the challenges she faces? How does Brexit affect its action?

It is with Elvire Fabry, a researcher at the Jacques Delors Institute specializing in international trade and Brexit issues, and then with Jonathan Faull, former director general of the working group on strategic questions related to the referendum in the United Kingdom that we will address these issues during the 5th session of the Notre Europe Academy.


09: 00⋅ Home

09:30 Coffee European culture

10: 00⋅ Seminar by Elvire Fabry, Senior Researcher on Trade Policy and Brexit at the Jacques Delors Institute

12: 00⋅ Lunch

14: 00⋅ Symposium with vision by Jonathan Faull, former Director General of the European Commission

16: 00⋅ Break

16: 30⋅ Experimental laboratory

End of the session at 18:00