Prague, 19 June 2018 – Europe of Citizens? Public Perceptions of the EU and its Reform


17:15 > 18:30

Daniel Debomy, associate Research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, intervenes in a roundtable entitled "Europe of Citizens ? Public Perceptions of the EU and its Reform", organised in the framework of the Prague European Summit.

Public opinion is increasingly at the heart debates on European integration. Europe seems to be emerging from its many crises and the time seems to be up for decisive steps forward. The feasibility and sustainability of EU reform however crucially depend upon the support amongst national publics. So what do European citizens really want? Have they become too sceptical about the European project to resist any steps forward? Or they are keen to move towards an ever-closer Union?

Daniel Debomy shares his expertise on these issues, as he has already done for the Jacques Delors Institute recently, publishing papers like “Allegro Ma Non Troppo : European public opnions at the end of 2017” (26/03/2018), “They love me, they love me not, they love me a little : Public opinion and the European Union in the Visegrad countries” (06/04/2018) and “The Spanish public opnions and the EU” (08/06/2018). He echanges his views with Elisa Kortsenska, Ph.D. Candidate at Leiden University, Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and Kasia Wojcik, Theatre artist, Elected Board Member of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) in Germany.

If you want more information on this conference and the intervention of Daniel Debomy, you can consult the Prague European Summit website or the program, enclosed to this announcement.

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