Rouen, 25 January 2014 – Globalisation, democracy, euro and employement, the challenges of the EU

Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, in partnership with the European Movement - France, organise their second civic debate "Droit d'inventaire - Droit d'inventer" in Rouen on Saturday 25 January 2014.

Notre Europe – Institut Jacques Delors, in partnerhsip with the European Movement – France, invites you to their second civic debate of the cycle “Droit d’inventaire – Droit d’inventer“, on globalisation, democracy, euro and employment.

On Saturday 25 January 2014
from 14h30 to 19h
in the Conseil Régional de Haute Normandie
5 rue Robert Schuman
75074 Rouen

To watch the debate in live, click here !

Opening : Nicolas MAYER ROSSIGNOL, President of the Région Haute – Normandie

Introduction : Catherine MORIN DESAILLY, Vice-President of the European Movement – France

Moderation : Thomas FERENCZI, Former correspondent for the French paper Le Monde in Brussels

Panel 1 : What solutions to face the crisis concerning euro and employment ?

  • Marcel GRIGNARD, Under General-Secretary for CFDT
  • Nicolas MAYER ROSSIGNOL, President of the Région Haute – Normandie
  • Gilles PARGNEAUX, Member of European Parliament
  • Patrick SCHREINER,Representative of Lower Saxony DGB


Debate with the public


Panel 2 : What kind of citizenship in the globalisation ?


  • Elmire Af GEIJERSTAM, Consultant,former representative of Swedish cities and regions in the EU
  • Karima DELLI, Member of European Parliament
  • Claude TALEB, Vice-president of the Région Haute – Normandie

Debate with the public

Conclusion : Pierre MENGUY, Professor emeritus of Havre University