Sofia, 13 June 2018 – Governance workshop: focus on “heating and cooling” and “prosumption”


14:00 > 18:00

Emilie Magdalinski, Research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Research fellow in charge of European energy policies, participate to a workshop on Sofia whose aim is to debate and formulate policy proposals and recommendations on topic in line with ENABLE.EU priorities.

Using a specialized methodology for stakeholder engagement in the process of policy formulation, the participants identify and discuss options for future policy actions in the area of governance in line with expected and unexpected local or global phenomena. The outcomes of the workshop,  policy options and recommendations for better governance of low-carbon heating and cooling and prosumer practices, are presented to the relevant national and European policy institutions. We expect each participant to briefly present his/her expert opinion on major strengths and weaknesses in the governance of heating and cooling and prosumer practices at the local, regional or national level, focusing on good practices for increased public acceptability of the low-carbon energy transition. Together with research findings from ENABLE.EU project, presented by the organisers, these will serve as the basis for the upcoming discussion. The workshop is conducted under the so-called “Chatham House rules”, i.e. the anonymity of the participants is guaranteed and the information and opinions disclosed during the meeting will be reported only anonymously and in aggregated form, without the source of information being explicitly or implicitly identified.

For more information on this meeting, you can consult the ENABLE.EU website. Plus, if you want to learn more about the scientific basis onto which the project rests and be aware of progresses made by the academic research, you can also read the “Final comprehensive literature review setting the scene for the entire study“, published by the ENABLE.EU Consortium in July, 2017.

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