The EU-UK deal – A basis to build upon?


14:00 > 15:30

On 24th December 2020 the EU and the UK finally reached agreement on their future partnership. While having a deal is much more preferable to no deal, the deal can be seen as thin and precarious, with non-compliance carrying the risk of severe economic penalties and potential termination of the deal. Therefore, there is a need to continue to explore how the relationship will work in practice, how stable it will be, and whether it can be further developed. This online debate will discuss the deal as the new basis for the EU-UK relationship, its implications for future economic and political divergence/convergence, and the political decisions that will shape the relationship going forward.


Our panel of leading experts will shed light on the latest developments since the conclusion of the deal and discuss what lies ahead for the EU-UK partnership from the point of view of the EU and the UK, including Northern Ireland.

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