Wavre, 16 May 2019 – The most important European elections of the history?


12:15 >14:00

For its Executive Board meeting, the Union Wallonne des Entreprises (the Walloon Companies Union) has invited Geneviève Pons, director of the Jacques Delors Institute's Brussels office, to intervene on the economic and political issues of the next European elections.

The main topic of Geneviève Pons presentation will be the following : “The most important European elections of the history?”. After having discussed next issues of the European elections and underlined why the latter will be unique compare to the previous ones, Geneviève Pons will explain the political reshuffle that is likely to happen after the 26th of May.  The will therefore explain why the “sustainability” component of the next coalition agreement will have a greater importance for the 2019-2024 legislature.

Her presentation will notably be based on the different analysis published by the Jacques Delors Institute “European elections Task force”, whose latest publications are available on our website :

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