WTO Reform: US and European Perspectives and Proposals

Experts Roundtable
Chatham House, London
5-6 November 2019

The transatlantic partners have a large stake in the future of the WTO and global trade architecture. Understanding US and European perspectives on WTO reform – including some shared concerns and joint efforts, but also deeply entrenched differences – are important stepping stones and potential stumbling blocks on the way to addressing the shortcomings of the WTO and creating rules fit for 21st century trade.

Elvire Fabry, Senior Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, intervenes for a session entitled “The WTO Appellate Body crisis – What next for WTO dispute settlement?” along with, Dr. Thomas J. Duesterberg, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute.

If you want to learn more on similar topics, you can read the following publications of the Jacques Delors Institute :

Framework of the Roundtable
The dispute settlement function of the WTO is under threat. The looming crisis around the functioning of the WTO Appellate Body requires action, but large differences between the US and EU as well as other global trade champions remain. What explains the blockage of appointments by the US? What is the position of the EU and key member states? What reform efforts have been taken by the EU, Canada, Japan and others to unblock the appointments and address the US’s substantive as well as procedural concerns? The chances of reforming the Appellate Body before it ceases to function in mid-December 2019 are low, but might the next WTO Ministerial Conference scheduled for June 2020 provide impetus to reform? And, if not, how will breaches of global trade rules be addressed and disputes be settled?

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06 Nov 2019


9 h 45 min - 11 h 00 min


Chatham House
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