Participative conference on energy transition in Europe

Eurofeel, Echo Logik and la Chaire TRENT are glad to oragnise together a brand new type of event:  a participative conference. This event is organized at Sciences Po Bordeaux, on the 12th of November from 6pm, and will tackle the following topic : « Climate challenge : which energy transition for Europe ? ».

Last June, the European Union fails to agree on an objective of carbon neutrality for 2050 as several countries were opposing it : Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia. Such oppositions reflect the diversity of the energy mix and priorities of the EU Member States and therefore how problematic it could be to adopt common European energy policies. Given this, which perspectives can we conceive for the European energy transition? What role renewables will have?  Is it possible to go towards a better energy efficiency and security? What can we do at a local level ?

Directly inspired from the national debate on the environment stake, the aim of this participative conference is to allow everyone to speak and participate to elaborate common ideas about this key subject for our future. Many tools, fostering participation and discussions, will be at the disposal of participants.

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Director of the Jacques Delors Energy Centre and professor at Sorbonne University and at the College of Europe and Sacha Wiedmaier, green architect and member of the citizen-led project to install solar panels in Bègles, SolEvent.

A buffet will be served at the end.

Doors open from 5:40pm


12 Nov 2019


18 h 00 min - 21 h 00 min


Sciences Po Bordeaux
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