Environment & Climate: which role for Europe?

What is the European Union doing to fight climate change and to protect the environment?
22th, November 2019
Mouvement Européen – Nord

The European Movement section in Pas-de-Calais organises, under the patronage of the European Parliament and the European Commission Representation in France, a conference on the role of Europe as regard to Climate and Environmental issues.

Emilie Magdalinski, Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, in charge of EU energy policies, will share her expertise on the current actions undertaken by the European Union to fight climate change and to protect the environment. Departing from the fact the European Union managed to establish an Energy Union, Emilie Magdalinski, will first define what a European energy transition means exactly and what it implies in terms of policy. What is Europe doing to tackle the climate, social and industrial aspects of the energy transition?

Eric Guilyardi, Research director, CNRS, Pierre Simon Laplace Institute, Main contributor, 5th IPCC report, Philippe Grandcolas, Research director, CNRS, Director, ISYEB, Natural History Museum, and Adina Revol, Economic Advisor, European Commission Representation in France.

Compuslory registration, more information on the event in the programme.


22 Nov 2019


14 h 30 min - 17 h 45 min
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