European elections 2019: what impact on the European Union?

For its Solemn Reception, the European Studies Master of the Aix-Marseille University, Thierry Chopin, Special adviser at the Jacques Delors Institute, intervene at the roundtable “European elections 2019: what impact on the European Union? Results analysis and Prospects for 2019-2024” 

decrypting results of the May 2019 European elections, their foreseeable impacts on the European Union and Europeans for the five years to come: traditional institutional equilibrium have been, to some extent, broken with the rise of new political forces in the European Parliament, and more specifically nationalists and ecologists parties. With that aspect in mind, while Europe has been weakened by successive crisis, and given the complexity to find a consensus between 28 (if not 27, on the 31st of October, with Brexit) on migration, environmental and social issues, what is the political leeway of a European Union, which has also to face growing external tensions?

The roundtable will be a dialogue between students and the newly elected Member of the European Parliament, Caroline Roose (Group The Greens/European Free Alliance) and Research fellows, experts on European institutional and democratic issues, including Thierry Chopin. He will intervene along with Luis Buza, Madrid University, Przemyslaw Tacik, Krakow University, Cristina Dogot, Oradea University.


27 Sep 2019


14 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min
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