Geneva, 7 April 2018 – The critical role of people in the European Industrial leadership in renewables

The Jacques Delors Institute, together with EIT InnoEnergy, organises a workshop to present how Europeans, as entrepreneurs, investors, consumers and citizens, can walk the political talk as regard to energy transition and European initiatives for renewables. Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, moderates the debate.

Concerning the European leadership in renewables, the political will is not to be questioned anymore, but identifying the way is still a challenge posed to the innovation ecosystem at large. Having largely supportive European citizens is rarely mentioned as a strength to bring this vision to life, while it is clearly instrumental in and even a sine qua non condition to the achievement of such ambition.

The Energy transition is a necessity imposed by climate change, but also a tremendous opportunity for Europe, which could not materialise without a strong commitment of individuals and communities. To demonstrate it, each panellist will describe how individuals are the key to unlock the energy transition, therefore helping to bring Europe at the forefront of the international stage from an industrial, scientific and political perspective. The panel will be composed by:

  • Dr. Reinier Verhoog, Doctoral Assistant, EPFL
  • Stéphanie Savel, President, WiSEED
  • Matthew Nicholas, Co-founder, WATT3
  • Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Research fellow, Jacques Delors Institute
  • Pierre Serkine, Energy & Innovation Adviser, EIT InnoEnergy

If you want more information on this workshop or the Climate Show, you can consult the Climate Show’s website.

The event is finished.


Palexpo Hall 3
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