Green Recovery Post Covid-19: European or National Strategies?

On April 10th, 17 European climate and environment ministers signed an open letter to the European Commission to use the European Green Deal as a framework to shape the EU’s upcoming recovery plan. The need to scale up investments, notably in the fields of sustainable mobility, renewable energy, building renovations, research and innovation, the recovery of biodiversity and the circular economy are the pillar of European resilience. A group of 180 political decision-makers, business leaders, trade unions, campaign groups and think tanks have also urged the bloc to adopt green stimulus measures. Is there a common European strategy or national policies to shape the recovery? The EU is headed for a steep recession triggered by the outbreak, but is divided on how to finance green measures. Proposals have been put forth by several European Member States. The webinar discusses the different perspectives being actually debated.


08 May 2020


9 h 00 min - 10 h 00 min

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