Paris, 20 May 2014 -The democratic crisis : what solutions ?

Notre Europe – Jacques Delos Institute, Terra Nova and Sciences Po organise their third debate “The after-crisis EU” on the topic “The democratic crisis : what solutions ? ” on Tuesday Mai 20 in Paris.

Notre Europe –Jacques Delors Institute,Terra Nova and Centre d’Etudes Européennes de Science Po propose a series of three public conferences about the “after-crisis European Union”, around three major concerns : the financial crisis consequences ; the economic and social challenges ; and the democratic future of the European Union. This third conference is about the democratic crisis.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

from 19h15 to 21h15

at Science Po – Amphithéâtre Jean Moulin

13 rue de l’Université

75007 Paris

Introduction, Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State to higher education and research

Panel moderated by Yves Bertoncini, Director of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute

With :
• Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Former Member of the European Parliament, and President of the Fondation du Centre
• Antonio Vitorino, President of Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, former European Commissioner and former deputy prime-minister
• Henri Weber, Member of the European Parliament

Debate with the questioners:
• Jean-Yves Camus, political scientist and essayist
• Justine Lacroix, Researcher at the ULB

Debate with the audience

Madatory registration, here


The event is finished.


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