Paris, 28 June 2013 – European days of the Ile-de-France

Our director, Yves Bertoncini, is one of the speakers of the European Days of lle-de-France conference on June 27th and 28th, on, the theme : “European citizen : are you here?”



first edition of the European Days of the Ile-de-France

aims to be one moment of reflection and debates, suggesting thinking of

the European construction in a more concrete way by leaving of the

territory of the Ile-de-France and to allow the various institutional

actors, but also university and the actors of the civil

society(non-trading company) to discuss on key themes. 

These days objectives are to improve the understanding of the big European stakes and to awaken an European consciousness, while keeping in mind that the

European construction is not ended and depends on each, and in particular on

the implication of the Regions which already play a major role in

certain politics.

The event is finished.


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