Paris, 30 March 2009 – The need for Europe

At a time when Europe is having trouble mobilising its citizens, Le nouvel Observateur and Notre Europe organise a major public symposium. The day’s debates will be organised in three sessions: the financial crisis and its economic and social impact; geopolitical challenges related to the relations between the EU and its eastern neighbours; and the current and future roles of the European Parliament.

Symposium organised by Le Nouvel Observateur and Notre Europe on Monday 30 March 2009 at Thé tre du Rond-point des Champs-Elysées, 2bis avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 75008 Paris: 10h00-17h00.

The day’s debates will be organised in three sessions. In each a presentation will be followed by a roundtable discussion.

Welcome and Opening: Denis Olivennes

1. The European Union in a Time of Crisis 

This first roundtable will be devoted to the financial crisis, its economic and social impact, and the responses that Europe can and must bring

Chair: Jean-Gabriel Fredet, Deputy Director, Nouvel Observateur ,


Keynote speaker: Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa,Former Minister of Finances and Economy of Italy, President of Notre Europe,

S. E. Pavel Fischer, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in France

Jean-Hervé Lorenzi,

    • President of the Cercle des économistes

David Marsh,

    • Chairman of London & Oxford Capital Markets

Poul Rasmussen,

    • President of the PES

2. Europe and its eastern neighbours: Russia/ Belarus/Caucasus -new prospects, new problems


The second discussion will deal with the Union’s geopolitical challenges and external policy, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and relations between Russia and the EU

Chair: René Backman,Chief Foreign Affairs Editor, Nouvel Observateur ,
Keynote speaker: Pierre Hassner, CERI-Sciences Po-Paris


Joschka Fischer, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Eneko Landaburu,

    • Director-General, External Relations, European Commission

Denis MacShane,

    • Former Minister of State for Europe at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Alvaro de Vasconcelos,

    Director of the EU Institute of Security Studies

3. The European Parliament: an Instrument of Democratisation and Influence
The afternoon session will examine the current and future roles of the European Parliament in terms of democratisation and influence, and its competencies and margin for manoeuvre developed over the 30 years since the first election by universal suffrage


Chair: Claude Weill, Deputy Director, Nouvel Observateur
Keynote speaker: Josep Borrell Fontelles, Former President of the European Parliament



Evelyne Gebhardt

    • , Member of the European Parliament

Jean-Pierre Jouyet

    • , Former Secretary of State for European Affairs of France

Alojz Peterle,

    • , Member of the European Parliament, former Prime Minister of Slovenia

    • Guy Verhofstadt, Former Prime Minister of Belgium


Jacques Delors, Former President of the European Commission.




The event is finished.


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