Programme of the TGAE seminar “How to make out of its neighbourhood an opportunity for the EU itself?”, Rome, October 11th

Thinking Strategically about the EU’s External Action


Group IV

How to make out of its neighbourhood an opportunity for the EU itself?

October 11, 2012 – Rome, IAI

Library, Via Angelo Brunetti, 9


EU’s neighbourhood policy

will be the litmus test of the effectiveness of EU’s foreign and security

policy. With the Arab revolutions and simultaneously the US handover of

European regional security issues, the stabilisation and the development of the

EU neighbourhood (South and East) is a top priority of the Common Foreign

Policy agenda. Can an innovative neighbourhood policy based on giving access to

some EU internal policies (access to the common market, partial visa

liberalisation…) have a positive impact on the EU itself and help tackling

development and security issues? How to develop an efficient conditionality?

Can Europeans develop an innovative management of European security with other

main regional actors as Russia or Turkey?


Comments from Mr. Emanuele Giaufret, Assistantto the

Managing director of the Middle East and North Africa of the European External

Action Service,will introduce

the discussion in each session.


2.30 – 2.45 pm   Introduction to the seminar  Gianni Bonvicini (IAI)


Fabry (Notre Europe)

2.45 – 3.30 pm    First


                              Chair Elvire Fabry (Notre Europe)

                              The European Neighbourhood Policy in the new politico-strategic and

economic context. A

                              general overview of the present EU policy in its vicinity

and its main potentials/limits.

                              Speakers Michele

Comelli (IAI)

3.30 – 4.15 pm    Second


                               Chair Gianni Bonvicini (IAI)

                                Conflicting European interests in the Neighbourhood and the difficult

use of EU conditionality,

                                particularly in a situation of growing political

dynamics in some areas: the Mediterranean.

                               Speakers Timo Behr (Notre Europe/FIIA)

and Haizam Amirah-Fernandez (Elcano)

4.15 – 4.30 pm    coffee break

4.30 – 5.15 pm    Third


                               Chair Christophe

Hillion (SIEPS)

                               The EEAS and EU engagement in

conflict resolution in the Eastern neighbourhood.

                               Speakers Peter Munk Jensen (DIIS)

5.15– 6.15 pm

Fourth Session

                              Chair Michele Comelli (IAI)

                              The EU’s action in its neighbourhood and the growing activism of new and

old regional actors,

                              namely Turkey and Russia. The need for an innovative and

enlarged management of

                              European Security with third partners in the


                              Speakers Adam Balcer (DemosEuropa) and Olga Shumylo-Tapiola (Carnegie Europe)

6.15 – 6.30 pm     Wrap-up and

discussion of follow-up

Debate in English                                                                           With the support of: Europe for Citizens Programme

The event is finished.


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