A new political agenda for Europe

The priorities of the European Parliament group leaders
Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 November 2019

European Parliament, Brussels

Geneviève Pons, Director of the Jacques Delors Institute Brussels’ Office, introduce the two-days European Parliament Press Seminar, organised by the European Parliament, seeking to identify the legislative priorities to support for the five years to come.  Leaders from the major political groups represented at the EP has been invited to debate on these priorities.

In an introductory speech, Geneviève Pons will analyse the post European election context in which the new legislature will have to evolve. Basing herself on the results of the latest Eurobarometers and the political priorities of European citizens, Geneviève will express a few key-questions on the challenges of this new page of European History. Participants will be mainly representatives from various political groups represented at the European Parliament and journalists experts in European affairs. Genviève Pons will speak before David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament.


12 Nov 2019


14 h 30 min - 15 h 00 min
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