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France and Germany in the refugee crisis: united in diversity?

This Synthesis by Nicole Koenig, Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institut-Berlin, presents the main analyses and guidelines resulting from the round table on EU migration policy, within the Think Tanks Tandem initiative, on 809 July 2016.

The first session of the href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/thinktankstandem-presentationen.pdf?pdf=ok” target=””>Think Tanks Tandem initiative was held at the abbey of the Vaux-de-Cernay close to Paris on 809 July 2016. It was attended by some forty representatives of German and French think tanks as well as by German, French and European authorities.

The first round table addressed the issue of migration policy, while the second round table was devoted to the struggle against Islamist terrorism. This first round table was introduced by Marc-Olivier Padis, Director of Studies with Terra Nova, and Stefan Dehnert, Director of the Paris Bureau of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Numerous German and French speakers intervened: this Synthesis by Nicole Koenig, resarch fellow in our office in Germany, the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin (also available in href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/criserefugies-koenig-jdib-oct16.pdf?pdf=ok” target=””>French and href=”https://www.institutdelors.eu/media/fluechtlingskrise-koenig-jdib-okt16.pdf?pdf=ok” target=””>German) endeavours to present the main analyses and guidelines resulting from the exchange of French and German views, identifying the points both of divergence and of convergence that emerged.

The Synthesis of the second round table on struggling against islamist terrorism, written by our director Yves Bertoncini, is also available.

Joschka Fischer, former German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and former German Vice-Chancellor, was the keynotespeaker of the dinner on “Europe after the British referendum”. His speech is available on our SoundCloud channel.

The second session of the Think Tanks Tandem initiative was held on 2122 October 2016, at the Stifgung Gensagen, near Berlin.