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Innovation driving force behind European competitiveness

Carlos Moedas, European commissionner for research, science and innovation, hold a speech during the conference “Innovation driving force behind European Competitiveness” organised by the Jacques Delors Institute and the Gulbenkian Foundation.

It is within the framework of the cycle « Rencontre – Tout se transforme » that the conference « Innovation, driving force behind European Competitiveness » took place. Organised by the Jacques Delors Institute and the Gulbenkian foundation, it featured a speech, by Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for research, science and innovation. In this speech, he deals with the ways in which digital technology influences innovation:

1. It puts the user in control;
2. It makes minor players stronger, giving them the chance to penetrate and to dominate traditional markets;
3. It permits the creation of totally new markets.

In his conclusion, Commissioner Moedas underlines that Europe must be the continent of openness and of innovation, open to science and open to the world.